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When you choose Merchant Cooperative, we will help you find the lowest rates on merchant services for your business needs.  We understand modern technologies and how to leverage those to find the best and lowest rates for merchant services. Below, we go into more depth on what makes rates lower than others.

Finding the Merchant Service with the Lowest Fees

There are a lot of calculations going on behind each POS terminal transaction.  This is because everyone must get paid and the merchant service also takes a cut when this complex process is going on.  At Merchant Cooperative we know that these fees and charges add up, that is why we are committed to bringing you the lowest merchant service rates in the industry. See our page on payment processing to get an idea of how overall merchant service transactions work.

Lowest Interchange Fees - Charleston SC
Lowest Interchange Fees – Charleston SC

Determining the Lowest Prices or Lowest Cost Merchant Services

To give you a better idea of the normal fees involved in merchant services, here is a link to a comparison chart of some of the top competing POS software fees: http://www.posoptions.com/pos-price-comparison/

Merchant Cooperative will work hard to find you the lowest merchant fees possible.

What Merchant Rates and Other Fees are Involved when Processing Payments?

You might have heard of terms such as “interchange fee” or “merchant fee”, but what does this mean exactly?  See below for a detailed example of the fees that are usually involved when processing credit cards. In a simple credit card transaction, a fee is usually taken from the customer’s issuing bank, the acquiring bank, and the merchant service – everyone wants to get paid.  In general, a regular American business is looking to pay about 2%-5% of the transaction cost in fees.

Lowest Payment Processing Fees - Charleston SC
Lowest Payment Processing Fees – Charleston SC

Where Can I Find More On the Lowest Merchant Rates?

All of this information may be overwhelming, but the experts at Merchant Cooperative have studied the market and are skilled in finding you the lowest rates on merchant services. We will personally setup and train your team in using the latest technologies in credit card processing.

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