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We utilize the most cutting edge and reliable software to bring you effective online credit card processing for your business.  Whether your business is small, medium, or large, we provide reliable payment processing through our online gateways.  These gateways operate on the highest level of security and our team will be there every step of the way.  Merchant Cooperative’s eCommerce credit card payment solution can be easily integrated into any platform using our library of API’s and developer tools.

We Choose the Payment Gateway With the Lowest Possible Fees and Overhead

When you choose Merchant Cooperative, we will select a payment gateway with no hidden fees and that best fits your needs.

The online credit card process works like this:

  1. Customer prepares to make a purchase on your checkout page by putting in his/her payment information.
  2. This information is sent to a payment gateway to be authorized.
  3. The Gateway will handle the complex task of contacting the payment network and processor for authorization.
  4. The payment is either accepted or declined by the customer’s issuing bank.
  5. This data is sent from the issuing bank, through another processor, to the merchants acquiring bank.

Here is what that might look like in a diagram:

Credit Card Processing Charleston SC

As you can see, this process might be difficult to handle safely, but luckily there are many types of payment processing solutions out there and we will choose the best one for you when you choose Merchant Cooperative.

How to Choose the Best Online Credit Card Payment Processing System

Each business is different but the main points you want to look for when trying to choose your credit card payment processing system is as follows:

  • Standardized Systems – A PCI compliant system that observes all of the modern standards and safety measures is going to be more secure and accessible. For more information on managing security in your payment processing system, view this page:
  • Backup and Reporting System – Most modern payment processors boast some sort of backup system or analytical reports about your business that could be very valuable.
  • Easy to Use – Having an easy to use system that will work  with  you and not against you is desirable.

Merchant Cooperative is experienced in finding the payment solution to best fit your needs.  We will make sure that you can sell your products or services with ease and zero hidden fees.
Check out this Wikipedia page on payment processors for more information:

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