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There are vast differences in modern point of sale equipment, ranging from the analog-style devices that you can touch and feel – to the inorganic POS systems operating on smart devices. Each having its place, limitations and standards: Merchant Cooperative helps you navigate the evolving landscape of point of sale equipment in 2017 and in the future (contact us or see more information below to find the best POS terminal).  We can help you pick the best POS machine for grocery stores, restaurants, consultants, hospitals, dentists, lawyers, and more! No matter what your business, contact us for premium support in finding the best Point of Sale Equipment for your business today!

POS Hardware

Modern POS equipment is simple computer hardware consisting of a processor and all of the other computer parts you’d expect. Additionally, the POS equipment includes POS peripherals and apps that allow you to accept and securely process credit card payments and even add new capabilities for your business.  The needs of customers and business owners make point of sale solutions complex, but contact Merchant Cooperative and we will guide you through the process. Visit Wikipedia to get an idea of the vast categories of companies selling point of sale equipment and POS software today.

The reason this POS Software and Point of Sale Equipment is so confusing is because the way the POS equipment communicates with other devices and software is not standardized.  This, in combination with the varied needs of the end users, makes choosing the right POS equipment challenging for a new or old business. The experts at Merchant Cooperative will setup and expand your POS Hardware capabilities with ease.

Point of Sale Equipment 2017

Here is a picture of some modern point of sale printers:

Point of Sale Printer Equipment
Point of Sale Printers | POS Printers

Below are examples of other point of sale equipment
peripherals and POS add-ons used today:

Point of Sale Equipment
Modern Point of Sale Equipment

POS Software Brands and Cloud based POS Systems

Square Point of Sale is one of the leading brands, but there are hundreds more such as Salepoint with their own features and benefits. Some of the online POS systems and POS equipment are now based on the cloud technologies. The cloud POS systems are unique in being able to access your data from anywhere. When you choose Merchant Cooperative we make selecting the right point of sale software and equipment simple because our experts will take all variables into consideration and then do all of the hard stuff, like setup and security, for you.

Point of Sale Apps

Improve and expand on the basic credit card payment accepting system with point of sale applications.  These POS apps are designed to take your business to the next level. Improve customer wait times, improve feedback and over-all company performance with the best POS Apps.  Merchant Cooperative employs experts to find the best POS apps that will take your POS equipment to the next level.  Get the most out of your POS system when you choose us.

Cash Register Point of Sale Systems

Whether looking for a mobile POS machine, like a POS online, or mobile POS device allowing you to take your business anywhere, or a simple POS terminal to accept credit card payments, Merchant Cooperative will assess the right solution for you and your business’s needs.

Restaurant Point of Sale System

Restaurant POS systems are worth a mention here because of the recent rise in popularity; they give a good examples of how a simple POS system can be made into an advanced POS system. Modern restaurant POS equipment can be expanded and added on to any other pos system.  Applications to improve customer wait times and experiences and to keep track of table needs are common additions to the modern POS terminal. Many modern POS setups for restaurants allow customers to order food from their tables.  The restaurant POS equipment may even use a POS Printer for sharing receipts and other performance data with customers and employees. Again, contact Merchant Cooperative right now for information on getting the most out of your Restaurant Point of Sale System.

Here is an example of a web interface to an online restaurant POS system:

Point of Sale Software for Restaurants - Charleston SC
Point of Sale Software for Restaurants – Charleston SC

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